Founded in 2015 by Karlo & Marie Gomez, Smv is one of the most respected online magazines in America for celebrating real women. The truth is, when the rest of media is all about the layers of glam and “fake it till you make it,” Smv opts to stay AUTHENTIC and REAL.

Who Is Smv?🧐

The enormous abundance of modern social communication has created a world where fantasy is more real than reality, we strive to change that by representing REAL WOMEN.

Nice, But What Makes You Unique?😏

Well, aside from Celebrating Real Women, we are a MakeUp-Less magazine, we don’t mean no makeup (although we prefer no makeup,) we mean less makeup. We don’t mind a little makeup to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, but not to completely change it. We know how you feel when you wear make-up and we also know how you feel when you were NO make-up. We are simply here to inspire you to Love yourself, whether you wear makeup, or not💕

Let us not forget our bodies, we are all about women Embracing their natural curves. Now don’t say you don’t have curves because if you have a body, then you have curves. We simply give women a REAL good reason to feel Sexy! It’s called Loving YOUR BODY!

Why Do We Encourage No Make-Up?đŸ˜±

We feel there is nothing more beautiful then seeing the Natural YOU!
We aren’t saying it’s easy, but it’s not hard (Say What?!🧐)
. We like to think of wearing no makeup like yoga. We give you the poses, at first you are unaccustomed and it may seem tough, but then one day it comes easy to you, and you realize this balance and how easy it is when you let go. 

WE = Our Belief SystemđŸ’ȘđŸœ

WE believe beauty is found in the diversity not uniformity, therefore WE represent a diverse ideal of beauty. WE strongly believe body positivity is for everyone including thin and conventional attractive people. WE don’t believe in fake photoshop fabrication for any of the women WE feature in our magazine. WE believe wearing no makeup is BEAUTIFUL. WE strongly encourage women to embrace their curves, feel sexy and love their bodies.

Our MissionđŸ‘ŠđŸœ

Our promise to inspire women all over the world, to feel naturally beautiful.

100,000+ WOMEN & GROWING

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