The Earth-Shattering Lowdown of a Future Icon

To whom it may concern: I’m Emma! Here are the dirty deets that make me me.

1. I’m in college: my life consists of 20% studying, and 80% shenanigans (imitating teachers at maximum volume in the library, eating everything in the dining hall, and getting low to the Ying Yang twins at boozy fraternity events).

2. I study Communications and French in Salem, Virginia, a teeny little town known for quaint street festivals and unforgettable scenery (seriously, if you’ve never visited the Roanoke Valley, put it on your bucket list NOW. It’s breathtaking.)

3. My home is Fredericksburg, Virginia, a town that I wouldn’t recommend unless you’ve got a massive hard-on for Civil War reenactments (I mean, to each his own, I suppose).

4. I’ve never actually dated anyone. That’s right, I’m 21 years old and have never had a boyfriend. I guess I’ve just never met anyone that can handle all this.

5. I live with my parents, my three brothers, and a charming old dude named Grandpap.

6. My whole family is over six feet tall. It is our lot in life to be in the back row of photos and constantly tell people that THE WEATHER IS FINE UP HERE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

7. My height (6’3) and the journey to being comfortable in my own skin has contributed to my growing interest in the concepts of body positivity and female diversity and empowerment.

8. I love to write. I always have.

9. Writing weekly for SMV is so exciting for me because it combines two out of three of my passions: writing and body positivity (my third is French fries. I’m not ashamed).

10. I believe that every person is beautiful in their own way. Our bodies are just as different as our personalities, and we should be able to talk about things like cellulite and body hair the same way that we’d talk about our hobbies and life goals.

11. I hope that, through my writing, women can see that their beauty lies with their perceived flaws and their insecurities, and that no one is perfect.

12. Let’s be real here: perfect is just a nice way to say BORING.

13. Insta - @big_emma_g