About Me

Hi, I’m Niya! Air Hugs. 

NC native with a nomadic heart - I create for a living, literally. 

For as long as I can remember writing has always been "a place" I could go to create, it reveals who I am at the core. It is my freedom and flowing through the veins of any piece I write is an undeniable feeling of pride & joy. 

On a lighter note, I’ve been pescatarian for a little over a year. That's a milestone

I transitioned from Corporate America a year ago to explore my creative passions & since then I’ve been able to work with a plethora of different people that have poured so selfishly into me. 

So, call me the multi-creative, I can’t be boxed in. 

I look forward to creating enjoyable & memorable content + connecting with you through words. 

Please say hello on Instagram @NiyaUnique