Hey there, my name is Shauna. Here are some facts about me you might need, in case you ever

take a quiz about my life: 

  1. I currently live in Nevada, but I’ve previously lived in Mississippi, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Basically, if a state starts with an “N” or an “M”, I’ll end up living there. Maybe someday I’ll hit the “N-M” lottery and live in New Mexico.

  2. I was born without a sense of smell. The nose on my face is purely decorative. Having no sense of smell isn’t too inconvenient, except for the fact I can’t ever tell if I smell bad. So, if you see me on the street and catch a whiff of my body odor, let me know so I can spray myself down with a hose. 

  3. I always wanted a dog, but ended up with two cats instead. I figured two cats equals one dog in “pet math”.

  4. I’ve always loved books. I’m also an extremely competitive person, so each year I make a goal to read X amount of books to see if I can beat my previous record/brag about being well read. This year my goal is to read 40 books. 

  5. Someone once confused me for Emma Stone at the airport. I plan on telling this story to my children and my children’s children, and perhaps including it in my obituary.

  6. Every three months I look in the mirror and think “Yup, I’m getting bangs.” Then one day later I look in the same mirror and think “Why did I get bangs?” 

  7. I love to watch outdated reality television. Currently I’m watching season three of Survivor, so please, no spoilers on who won that in 2001. 

  8. I love to write. I write fiction and nonfiction and have written screenplays before. I even wrote this list of facts about myself, so if you were looking for a sample of my work, here you go. 

  9. Say hello on Instagram: @Shay_Chuk