Sugar Detox, Not Just a Trend


You can pretty much put sugar in anything, your words even. Ever think about a sugar detox? Excess sugar is stored in the body as fat. If you live by the Perato Rule ( make a 20% change to see 80% result) you will reap the benefits of living a low glucose life. I am not saying to break up with sugar completely, just start seeing other people kind of action. Then reconvene after you have had some time apart. Next, you will make a choice if sugar really makes your life sweeter.

There are many options out there...3 Day Detox, 10 Day Detox, 6 Week Detox so on and so forth. Your body needs sugar to live and function.  According to Ian K. Smith, M.D. we really only need 25g a day. On average, we probably consume way more than that. Especially if you are a 2-3 cocktails kind of socialite.

Start by cutting out the alcohol


(I know, it makes me sad too) and then the extra sugar snacks you have throughout the day. For example, the creamer in your coffee,

the bite size snickers at lunch, the cookie your friend gets you at the coffee shop...get the picture? Next cut out fruit. Yup. Fruit. Yes fruit is good for you, however when doing a sugar detox you want your body to work with what it has to get rid of the extra stored sugar.

Once you have completed your sugar detox days, weeks, or months, then you can begin to introduce those sugars back into your life but with better portion control. So have one glass of champagne,


low glycemic fruits and just stay away from empty calories as much as you can if you are concerned about over indulging. Just be mindful. As long as you stay under the 25 g the extra sugar will not work against you.

The bitter part of a sugar detox is that you will feel withdrawals. Kind of like cocaine. Not that I've ever done it, but the similarities of depriving your body of an addiction is relatable. Your dopamine levels will begin to plummet. Which is normal. Once you retrain your body to function without it, like healthier food choices you will have your happy place again. The best part of doing a detox like this is that you will begin to experience more than losing weight, you will feel more energized (ironic right) and have a sensitive palate to sweets. Which means saying no to sweets that are diabetically shocking to your taste buds will be a different kind of rewarding treat.