Are Diets A REAL Thing?!


Written By: RO

How many times have you “been on a diet"? I have done it plenty of times! It ain't bad my lovies. Diets have gotten bad reps for a while now. For example, diets are a quick fix? Clearly, this word needs some clearing up.

Yes, dieting is not a “real” word, it's called a lifestyle. It's also called eating habits. Call it what you want but diets are real and everybody does it. Diets are a real thing and they help you lose weight. Here's the other half of the story though…

Do you know what it takes to compete as a bodybuilder? You go on a restrictive diet for 14 weeks to lean out and help your muscle definition show. Yup, diet. It shocks the body and complements the heavy weightlifting and cardio.

So you hit a plateau? Can't shake off the last 5 pounds. That's because the remaining fat cells in you body are stuck, so to speak, like the cheeto in the couch. You must change your eating habits, eh hem (go on a diet), to help your body dig deep to find the energy, aka fat cells, to continue your daily activities.

Going on a diet doesn't mean eating less. Not at all! It means eating differently for a set amount of time until you reach your goal. Then once you create a new goal you'll start a different diet. Your diet can consist of more calories, less carbs, more fats, or more protein.

I recently took a paleo diet (Click Here to learn more) as a challenge and I came out on top! I had a flatter tummy and have some ab definition. Which was MY goal. I love rice and beans,but I learned that I don't need it on a daily basis and upping my vegetable game was key component.

Whatever lifestyle, eating habit or diet you choose to follow, you just do you!