Gemma Marin


Written By: Rose Fong

Dancer and actress Gemma Marin is lately spending her days tackling the new role of motherhood. She laughs, “One of the hardest things in pregnancy was that I could have only one coffee a day.”


Gemma visualizes her relationship with her daughter and the lessons she will teach her in the future, “She’s gonna go through bad moments, like anybody. For me, as a mom, it’s like, Oh, how will I teach her to not be afraid, to be positive? ...I think kids learn by watching. So, if she sees in me a positive person with good energy, that doesn’t take things super serious. If she sees me this way, I think she will copy and learn. I will be the person I want her to be.”

“For me, I think to be positive is beautiful. Because bad things are always gonna happen… I like being around people with good energy and motivation to look forward.”

In her daily life, it’s easy to run into nit-picking negativity. Gemma lives her life as a public figure on social media - she has a Youtube channel and Instagram where she lets her followers see her routines and family dance parties.

It’s rough when people make assumptions about her life. “I love my healthy lifestyle, and I love taking care of my body and the food that I eat… when I post [about my diet and exercise], there are women who post and say I’m too obsessed with being thin. But for me, it’s the opposite because I’m vegetarian... so for me on a diet, I’m super aware the amount protein that I’m eating so that I don’t get too thin. It’s to be healthy.”

Gemma likes to keep a positive balance, especially when negativity happens. “In life, we are here to learn. The bad things that happen to us, they’re here so we can learn. We need to find the part of the situation in order to learn and to move on. People will always hurt you and bad stuff will happen. We have to find the good part, the meaning, the lesson.”

“I began to do meditation four or five years ago,” she explains. A meditation routine keeps her balanced. “When you learn how to do it, and you do it, the other things in life get another dimension. It helps me with my positivity or trying to be optimistic.”

“My family is back in Spain, and I always call them… [My friends and family] always tell me that if I can come here to Los Angeles not knowing English and not knowing anybody, I can do whatever it takes. I’m here five years without my family, and I came with no money -- nothing. So, they always tell me that I’m the strongest person, the bravest person.”

“I have a tattoo on my neck - ‘I will only live one life as Gemma Marin.’ [It reminds me] to enjoy life as the person I am today. I am Gemma Marin. I am an actress, I am a dancer. I have one daughter. But maybe in a next life, I won’t be or have anything of that. This life, this is a chance for me to do what I want to do.”


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