Don't Judge Me!


Angie P: @angiepfit


On my page I’m very open about my insecurities and my anxiety. I want to make a post for all my ladies out there who struggle with anxiety when it comes to body image. You’re not alone, it’s become way too common/normalized how us females are insecure (it’s basically a way of life now). It’s sad, we pick ourselves apart to absolute shreds. I can look at this picture and pick out a bunch of things I feel like are wrong with my body.

But it’s time to put negative and toxic thoughts to rest. Yes you will have days where you are not confident. I will have days where I’m insecure about my cellulite. But what I can do is continue learning to become more comfortable in my own body, and grow confidence by accepting myself for who I am.

Ladies— don’t let cellulite define you, don’t let your belly rolls define you, don’t let your INSECURITIES define you‼️ You are so much more than your insecurities. It hurts to see how much this effects society today (including myself). You will be so much happier once you start to accept who you are and embrace everything that you are. Learn to stop comparing yourself to others. There is only ONE you out there, you have something that no one else has. Embrace it.

Make 2019 the start of becoming confident in your own skin and embracing who you really are, flaws and all💞

~ Angie 😘

#EmbraceYourself2019 {make it happen}