Hi, I'm Marilyn. This is me in a nutshell:


1. I'm a very empathetic and nurturing individual, which helps me be the best nurse I can be. 


2. I love surrounding myself with positivity and beauty.


3.  I enjoy getting lost in a good book with a delicious cup of coffee. 


4. My two older sisters are my world. 


5. Any day spent with them is "The BEST day ever!" kind of day. 


6. Being such a timid, insecure person has been an ongoing struggle in finding self acceptance . 


7.  Constantly striving for confidence, empowerment, and uncompromising self love.


8. Fully embracing your self worth and all your beautifully glorious imperfections to embolden others to do the same is the goal. 


9. That is why I am such an advocate of SMV.


10. Cheers to recognizing and awakening the inner and outer beauty that all of us already possess!