Miranda Oldroyd


Such an inspirational woman to many. What some of you may not know is her amazing life or death story! And how Crossfit and strength training saved her!

On Tuesday of this upcoming week marks the 3rd year anniversary of when Miranda broke her neck in a severe car accident. She had 2 of her vertebrae's fused and was told by the Drs that the only reason she Wasn't paralyzed or killed was because her body had so much muscle that could withstand such an impact.

In 2007 Miranda started Crossfit. There were no affiliates at the time where she lived so She did all of her first CrossFit workouts at a Gold's Gym.

We asked her "Why did you start Crossfit?" Miranda said " I started CrossFit as a challenge and to break the monotonous routine of what I had been doing for years. When I started no one really did it as a competitive thing, it was just a REALLY effective workout, and fun fitness program." Fast forward she will be at the Reebok Crossfit finals competing for this years 2015 FITTEST on EARTH!

For more of Miranda please follow her journey @fearlessmiranda