Noelle Benepe


Written By: Morgen Denise


Noelle Benepe began building her strength over a decade ago, through taking risks, personal growth and financial hurdles she was able to establish herself in an industry, not only requiring physical strength, but a character to match.

After leaving her small town, Orcas Island, with a population of less than 5,000 and working as a banking supervisor, Noelle wanted more than the comfort her routine offered her -- more of a challenge, more opportunity to build & show her character to the world and ultimately more from herself.

Noelle packed up and moved to Los Angeles, eager and anticipating her awaiting success.  Months after moving to the big city the tables turned and she was faced with a challenging reality.  Noelle's desire to educate, empower and strengthen a person's core values rooted in self-love and self-worth became that much more present. It become her unwavering vision, to create a community for self love and acceptance. Her philosophy in fitness encompasses so much more then physical strength, but a mindset to back it up. It is easy to see why her #nbChallenge community is filled with devout members from various walks of life from around the world. Here are some photos from here #nbChallenge

“I want my fitness programs to not only guide you but to ultimately teach you. There are so many reasons people avoid the fitness industry, I am here to change that. Fitness should be affordable, educational and most importantly, uplifting and supportive. I promise as I continue my journey as a fitness professional I will always give 100% effort to everything I offer. “Leaders breed leaders, not followers”  anyone investing in my programs needs to understand we are working towards so much more then a strong body but learning to embrace and believe that we can do anything, I am as much your peer as I am your teacher. As I continue to succeed in my vision I will confidently know there are others out their recognizing their strength and potential and taking on joineries they never imagined.

“Let Your Strength Push You Harder Then You Ever Thought Possible”

- Noelle Benepe



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