Written By: Erin Bach


Tori Deal has been many things in her life, a fitness enthusiast, reality tv star, broadcast journalist. But what she’s always wanted to be is an inspiration to young girls and women.

“The world is so hard for young girls. I want to teach them the things I’ve learned through my struggles. I want them to know that you can be your own soldier; you don’t need anyone else.”

One look at her Instagram (@tori_deal) and you can see that she promotes and embodies positivity.

“I was so excited when SundayMorningView reached out to me. I love the message all the SundayGirls send. I just want to add that no matter what, you should stay true and have faith in yourself. Fight for yourself and love yourself through everything.”

Tori spent two years on reality shows as the self-proclaimed “cool chick on dating shows,” always feeling like she had to have a boyfriend to be accepted. Growing up playing soccer, she was self-conscious of her athletic build, as opposed to the model thin ideal that has become the norm.

That all changed when she was on an athletic competition show on MTV called The Challenge.

“It was a sport and since I grew up playing soccer, it was perfect for me. I have always had a strong body, and while that made me self-conscious growing up, that’s exactly what I needed for this competition.”

The Challenge also taught her to be her own person.

“My boyfriend left the competition before me and at first I was really nervous. But in the end, I learned I didn’t need a man to keep me happy and I gained back trust in myself.”

Since then, Tori has learned that it’s better to be single than to be in a relationship that isn’t right.

“I know I’m still going to get hurt, but at this point I can look at challenges and say ‘I’ve seen this before and I survived. I’ll be okay.’”

As for the people she turns to now when she’s having a hard time, “I’m drawn to people battling for themselves. People at similar points in their lives who have fought parallel battles, I feel in tune with them. I have that a lot with my sister and my roommate and I’ve gotten to a point now where I can be friends with men without having to have a boyfriend. I have a great support system pulling me through the day to day.”

When it comes to feeling sexy, Tori believes this is a must for every woman.


“Learning to feel sexy in your own skin is so important. You can start by just dancing in front of the mirror when no one is watching.”


Learning to feel sexy is also about learning  to embrace your curves. Her advice: “Wear the right outfits for your body. Everyone has different curves. Find what fits your body right and feels good when you are wearing it so you can be your most confident self!”

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