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5 Effortless Makeup Tips
By Ro

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away there was a kingdom named Sephora. This magical place holds the treasures that every queen should have in their royal purse. From lip glosses to loose powders Sephora is the mecca. However, shout out to all the drugstores out there that sell amazing products as well… Sephora just happens to be the Disneyland to us make up loving fans.

While many of us rock the no makeup look like a champ, there are also many us who are the in between make up on the face. We have enough makeup to have make up but almost look like we have no makeup. Yes, makes total sense. Let's go over a few basic items to always have in your bag to make your look effortless.

  1. Highlight Concealer — You can wear this all on its own or under your makeup. It goes under your eyes in a upside down triangle shape, one streak down your nose,  above your cupid's bow on your lips, and under the eyebrows. All you do next is blend blend blend! The contouring will look more natural on its own or under makeup.
  2. Foundation — Get yourself a foundation that is light and is breathable. Tarte is made of natural ingredients and does not clog pores.  Or you can go for a simple BB or CC cream that has a full coverage look and will help you with moisturizing your skin all at once. Whatever you buy, make sure it has SPF! Cancer is real and doesn't look good on anyone.
  3. Bronzer — This gem helps with contouring and makes you look like you are sun kissed. You will apply this right under your cheekbone toward your nose, on your temple and follow your natural hairline, down each side of the bridge of your nose and right under your bottom lip to help you look more pouty or let's say Angelina Jolie-ish. Blend y’all!
  4. Blush — This part can be tricky because there are so many shades to choose from. My daily go to is a soft brown and a peachy colored one. I apply this on the fattest part of my cheek. So smile big, then apply on your cheek. This ensures you place the blush right where it would look natural for you to look, well, blushed.
  5. Highlighter — This adds just the right amount of light to your face to brighten it up. You can use a highlighter (powder or liquid) over a bb or cc cream,  on its own, or over makeup. You will place this just right in between your under eye and cheekbone. It will almost feel like you are placing it on the cheekbone. This small highlighted area really makes a difference on your face.
  6. Lip balm — When I know I need my lipstick to last I do a sugar scrub on my lips and lay on the lip balm, (wait for it to dry) then lip line it ( shade the lips as well) then put my color choice on top. Just like that, my lippy will be on for hours! No retouch! The key is hydrated lips. Lip balm looks very pretty on all its own. It's just enough shine to say kiss me!

There you have it! 6 basic essentials. You can always add some mascara or a lippy of your choice to your look. This is just like a starter kit for those who don't know what to buy or those who are slowly moving in the no makeup way.


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