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Winter Face Routine
By Chantel Rivera

Up until last year, I hadn’t experienced a winter with temperatures below 60 degrees in eight years. Last winter, not only did I experience more snow than ever before, but the freezing conditions wreaked havoc on my skin and hair. I knew I was supposed to bundle up and moisturize, but wow, I didn’t know to what extent. This winter I am determined to save my face with a simple yet effective skincare routine. If you live anywhere where the climate drops dramatically for several months out of the year then take note.

As far as acne goes I get the occasional flare-up, and when the pimples start to surface it seems like no matter what I use they refuse to go away. I found that the La Roche Posay starter acne kit works wonders (#notsponsered). My last breakout was relentless. I had been trying for over a month to clear it up and nothing was working. I stumbled upon this acne kit in a drug store and thought I’d give it a try. For around $30 you get a cleanser, a toner, and an action acne treatment. It’s your basic 123 step process. Within two days I could already see a major difference in my skin.

I will say the product is strong, so I had to use a heavy duty moisturizer several times a day until my skin adjusted. Now I’m back to once a day. Sorry loves, I don’t have any before and afters of my own skin, but there are plenty on the web if you want to check it out. You can find the product at any CVS or Target.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! This will be my mantra for the next five months. I’ve tried all kinds of moisturizers, but my favorite by far is the Seaweed Night Cream by Mario Badescu (again #notsponsered). I have combination skin, but when the wind is whipping outside and my face feels like it’s going to crack this is my go to! Though it’s a night cream, during winter months I use it as a daytime moisturizer and my skin is never happier. You can grab a bottle at Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Ulta, or Amazon!

I don’t always want to use something harsh on my face, especially as a daily cleanser. For moments when I want to go lighter for my cleansing needs I use an oxygen mask. There are plenty out there on the market. I haven’t found one that particularly stands out to me yet, but they are fun to use, and will leave your skin feeling light and fresh! If you have one that you love, drop it in the comments section and share with the rest of us, pretty please.

Finally, we can’t forget the lips! Piling on tons of chapstick will do you no good if you don’t first exfoliate. You can spend money on a lip scrub if you’d like, or you can go to your kitchen, grab some sugar, wet your lips, and gently scrub away. Which is what I do. After my homemade lip scrub, I always apply vitamin E oil or Vaseline. When out in the street my go-to lip care for fighting cracked lips is good old fashion Blistex. I just don’t think it gets better than medicated lip balm, but that’s me.

Ladies remember you’re beautiful! Let’s not let harsh weather conditions steal our glow this year.


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