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Redefine Your Love Palette
By: Chisomo Msoffe

The world is a huge mixing pot of cultures and you are one of the key ingredients in this recipe you are putting together to create your life story!

Do you have all the instructions for this recipe? No, you don’t but that is the fun part of not knowing how it will turn out, the only part you can control are the flavours you throw in.  This puts you in the lead chef position and all you need to do is expand your pallet. You might be surprised how much you learn about your taste once you give exploring a chance.

Relationships are hard work and even harder to navigate if you are from 2 very different backgrounds but who doesn’t like a challenge? You might find that it is way more rewarding for your growth, both emotionally and mentally when you date outside your comfort zone. Comfort zone can be culture, race or social status.  No one ever said you are guaranteed to be together forever if you date a certain type of guy/girl. Relationships are the biggest gamble you make in life so roll the dice and see where it lands.

You don’t have to change your amazing boom personality to please your partner, instead, create a bridge. Loving someone bridges any gap and you create your own safe in-between world to coexist. The key ingredients for you to add to this pot of love that you have created are communication, desire to make it work, compassion and of course a little passion won’t hurt!

Get out of your safe space and find your ingredients of love!

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