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Good at something, but it makes you unhappy?
By: Prunella Parisa

Anyone can be good at anything. It could be public debating, co-existing with a partner, being a musician or making bank. It could be a talent or a passion, or both. Either way, doing it right promotes a sense of reassurance, making us happy. But what if the satisfaction and happiness that was once there when doing it does not exist anymore? You start to scramble to find ways to get it again, but the exhaustion builds up and suddenly you are unsure if you are even breathing right or not anymore. This is when it gets conflicting in your head. I am supposed to be good at this. I am supposed to be happy. Your mind gets foggy, then starts stirring up unnecessary anxiety that causes you to sweat and you are contemplating on whether you should go on or not.

You are burning out. Pause what you are doing before it sends you down the rabbit hole. Let the whole world freeze around you so you can process and understand your entirety. If you are reaching out for alcohol or any other possible abusive substances, put it down. This includes social media and food. The temporary release from unhappiness can only do so much. You might just numb yourself down and not even feel a tinge of happiness as you indulge into them; just so you can momentarily forget what made you unhappy in the first place, before sobering up and feeling it all again.

Just like hitting the gym, your mind needs a break too. In fact, breaks are essential to recalibrate and maintain a healthy mental state. It is easier said than done. So, why are you unhappy doing things you are good at? Each situation has to be evaluated individually. For example, you absolutely love making Youtube videos but you are losing a week’s sleep making them; possibly to fact-check the content or to make the flow better. “Do it,” I would say. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice a little for the better. But take that situation and dial the losing-sleep part up to months. Now, you cannot seem to focus during daytime, you are not eating right and you get grumpy over the littlest things. You are making the content exactly how you want it but at the end of the day you are still miserable because of the effects of sleep deprivation. That state of miserability will eventually leak and translate into your work ethics then back to your everyday life, adding on to that state of feeling miserable.

It is a never ending negative loop. That is, unless you take steps to make changes and stop it. The longer you lose yourself in the deep end, the more addictive it becomes. Self-awareness is vital because only you can gear up the self-motivation to pull yourself back up again. Sure, having support from family and friends can help, but only you can move your own muscle. However, if you have tried finding your way back but did not find the happiness you were hoping to feel again, know that you have given it your all and it is okay. It is okay to let go and have a fresh start doing something new. Not all routes are for everyone, and that makes us all individually unique. Your thoughts are the loudest in your head and you might have a war going on in there, so take control on which side gets to win. Your long-term happiness matter.

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