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3 Benefits of High-Quality Sex
By Ackeime Johnson

**Please be advised this article is not censored😁**

Can you go another round? Yes, yes you can and I’ll tell you why. Because you truly understand that sex is about a mutual maximization of pleasure. You understand that it is not simply a game of cumming and then leaving. You understand that, until your partner is satisfied you must keep going if possible. If you must stop, you understand that it is then your responsibility to make up for it in the next lovemaking session.

Alright, now that you understand your role, I need you to understand why it's so pivotal. There are many benefits to having regular, quality sex; emphasis on quality. These include, but are not limited to, happiness, improved self-image, and even cardiac benefits. If you're receiving consistent quality dick or pussy, it is only natural that you will feel better about the world and your place in it. During sex, oxytocin

and vasopressin are released and women are particularly susceptible to the effects of oxytocin. Oxytocin acts as an emotional glue to make you even more attracted to your partner (vasopressin works in a similar way for males).

Sex, of course, also improves your self-image. For me, there are two primary things to mention. Being inside a woman is an incredible feeling and every time I have sex, I appreciate this to the fullest. This intimate sharing of bodies boosts my sense of worth. If such an amazing woman is sharing herself with me, then I must be valuable. Also, at times, I catch myself in the mirror during sex and I’m amazed at how toned some of my muscles really are, and that surely boosts my confidence and even my strokes.

Lastly, sex helps your heart. Sexual activity is linked with lower systolic blood pressure. This reduces your chances of suffering from heart disease. Furthermore, sex helps to dilate the blood vessels, resulting in an increased delivery rate of oxygen and nutrients around the body. Go out and have some quality sex today, it could save your life!

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