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Boosting Your Bedroom Bad Girl
By Lacy Bundy

Let’s face it, sex by its very nature requires us to be vulnerable and that can be hard. Like, really hard. But when we are hiding certain body parts or always having to turn off the lights every time we get intimate, it only makes it awkward.

Regardless of your body shape and size, confidence in the bedroom can be challenging and the majority of women, including myself, have grappled with body image that caused sexual inhibition. Numerous studies show a women’s body image is directly linked not only to their sexual satisfaction as a whole, but also arousal levels and ability to achieve the Big O.

We want that hair pulling, sweat dripping sex though, right?
With a few small tweaks, you can give yourself the confidence to be ballsy in the bedroom.

#1 Be with A Partner You’re Comfortable With
The number one thing I hear from my girlfriends (and I agree) is that sex is ALWAYS better when it’s with someone who makes them feel at ease. Intimacy with a partner who makes you feel beautiful and sexy will give you the assurance you need to enjoy the moment and not sweat about that cellulite. P.S. They never noticed the cellulite anyway!

#2 Fake It Till You Make It

Here’s the real will NOT be attractive to every person in this world, just like you aren’t attracted to every person. But I can guarantee if someone is happily willing to jump in the sack with you, THEY WANT TO BE THERE! There is nothing sexier than a bold woman and when you exude confidence, your partner will notice. Even if you have to fake being a sex goddess, play the part. You can thank me later.

#3 Feel Yourself, Literally

I’m not only talking about feeling yourself like Queen Bey taught us, but also know thyself in a carnal sense. Scary, I know, but nothing will make you fiercer in the bedroom than knowing what you like and helping guide your partner. So whip out those toys and find what makes you really tick.

Ladies, shed that sexual shell, embrace what your mama gave you, get naked and have some fun.

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