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Defeating Diet Culture
By Danielle James

Diets don’t work. Diet culture feeds off self-esteem and destroys self-worth. Cutting out major food groups or restricting how much you consume in a day robs your body of balanced nutrients and critical vitamins that it needs to function properly.

Many people harbor toxic relationships with food. Disordered eating, binge eating, comfort eating… they all represent a twisted way of thinking when it comes to the fuel your body needs to survive.

Changing the way you think of food is the first step to mending your resentment towards it. Thinking of food as the fuel your body needs to walk, talk, think, and breathe is the best way to start. For most people struggling with disordered eating, food represents a bandaid for other trauma and emotions. By thinking of that meal as what’s going to power you through a study session or your next workout rather than a way to forget the bad parts of your day is the first step.

Comfort food is great, but there is a time and a place to eat it. Getting a little more adventurous in the kitchen by experimenting with different cultures and cuisines can you help you break any food funk you might be in. Appreciating new ingredients and learning new techniques can radically change your view on food.

Food is the fuel of life. Through diet culture, we’ve been trained to see food as a reward or a punishment, when it’s simply the way we survive. It fuels our everyday functions, helps us walk, talk, sit, and stand, and can be a really fun way to learn about other people and cultures. Changing the way we appreciate food is the first step to defeating diet culture and the danger it poses to everyone.

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