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The Underestimated Guy Friend
By Jill Warwick

Let’s raise a glass to the guy friends in our lives.

You know, the besties everyone thinks you’re dating, and who probably know more about you than some boyfriends.

The guys you can be your ugly, rude, disgusting self with and not worry about scaring off because they are just as gross as you.

These are the guys that are there when you have a bad day; they make you laugh, they let you vent, endorse your need to set shit on fire (in a safe, legal and controlled way...obviously) and keep you sane.

Let’s end the debate already-yes men and women can JUST be friends.

And why shouldn’t we? Maybe we’d understand each other a lot more if we would talk to someone behind the enemy lines.

I mean, it is a lot easier than trying to pull a “What Women Want” type of move to read the mind of the opposite sex.

Scroll for the pros of hanging with the boys:

You can ask the important questions

They are great drinking buddies

They will be your wingman

And help keep the creeps at the bar away

Be sure to give them some love today.

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