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Why It’s Important to Find Your Tribe
By: Jessica Whitaker

Tribe. Circle. Family. Village. Herd. 

Even elephants know how important it is to be surrounded by others who care for them. When elephant calves are born, the herd circles them for protection from predators, and to guide and support them as they learn to stand on their own. Ladies, let’s learn from the elephants. We need to find our tribes and then hold them tight.

Here’s why:

Your Tribe Will Encourage You 

When you find the right people to surround yourself with, you will feel like anything is possible. Literally: anything. You will find that you suddenly have courage to make the first move at the bar, at a job, in a class…anywhere. You’ll find the courage you need because you’ll feel the support behind you. 

Your tribe will know when to help shift you into a higher gear to reach your greatest potential, and also when it’s time to put down the work and grab a glass of wine. Your tribe helps you find balance – a necessary part of achieving any goal, and imperative when looking to create a better quality of life.

Your Tribe Will Support You 

Through breakups, bad decisions, learning curves, and new adventures, your people will be your rock to rest on, your tree to lean against, your foundation. If they don’t know all the answers, they’ll help you figure them out. Why? Because there’s strength in numbers. 

If one member of the village struggles, every member of the village struggles. Your tribe will not leave you to walk through the storms of life alone. They will be right there with you in the rain, offering you their umbrella to shelter you as you find your way to sunny skies. 

Your Tribe Will Give You Family 

The most beautiful part about a tribe is that you choose it for yourself. Yes, many people have families who are automatically their kind of people. And that’s beautiful. But for some of us, we’ve had to shed the layers of our family history, hometowns, and belief systems. We’ve had to venture out into the world alone to discover who we truly are outside our birth family’s influence. To be able to surround yourself with new people who truly resonate with your authentic self will help you remember that family isn’t always blood. Sometimes family are the ones you choose.

Still Looking for Your Tribe? 

Start small, and don’t be afraid to go alone for a while. Don’t look to surround yourself with people just so you aren’t lonely. Instead, shed those people who drag you down and focus on who you are and where you’re going. Your people will naturally find you on your path because you’re meant to walk together – maybe for a day, maybe for the rest of your lives. 

Even if it’s just one person at first who shares your affinity for ice cream and french fries, or a couple true-blue soulmates who love slapstick comedies just as much as you do, it’s enough. And your tribe will grow.

I promise you, we weren’t meant to do this life thing completely alone. 

If you’ve already started to build your tribe, don’t forget to love them – hard. Send your nearest and dearest a message. Thank them for circling you when you were on the ground and helping you get back up. Thank them for getting you dressed for those important dates and reminding you to be who you truly are every time you’re about to put on the mask to match society’s standards. Thank them for being a safe place to land when life is hard, when you’re nervous or scared, or when you’re excited about something new.

The tribe you create for yourself will be one of the most valuable aspects of your whole life. We all deserve one, and we can all have one – if we’re willing to ditch those who don’t align and open to the surprising few who click with us like we’ve known them forever.  Remember: be like the elephants. Guide each other, support each other, create a safe space where you can all thrive together, no matter what comes.

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