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By Ro

Ever been stuck in a rut with the same damn clothes that you day after day push through your closet? Do you look at some items with disgust? Are you ready to throw it all away and just start fresh?! But is your bank account telling you “bitch please!”

Have no fear! There are some true gems and classic pieces in your closet that just need to be brought into the light and away from the cold dark corners from that weird up against the wall behind the door kind of place. You know which place I'm talking about. The same place you shove things when it's a one time wham bam thank you mam’ kind of piece. (But you keep it anyways... for decades!!!) Uh huh, I'm talking to you.

First off, clean out the closet. Take out the items you know you don't want to wear ever again. When you find yourself in a tough situation deciding if to keep a piece ask yourself this simple question “if you were down to your last $5 would you buy that piece again?” If it's a yes, put it back. If it's a no, then toss it. You may come across a piece that you feel you just can't throw it out and uncertain of when you will wear it again. Ask yourself this question “does it bring you happiness when you touch that piece?” If it's a yes then keep it. If its it's a no, then toss it!

Once you have cleared it all, look at what you have left. Color sort it now. From one side to the other start from lightest item to darkest item. This way you can see if you have too much of one color or not enough of another.  This may even inspire you to venture out and shop for colors you have never owned! Possibly even a new style.

Nooooow, the fun begins! Let's make some outfits come to life! You gotta remember some basic fashion rules. Trends come and go, but these rules will always help you look fashion savvy even though most of your threads are outdated. However, if matched correctly,  you will look like you are ahead of the next trending season!

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