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Start Your New Year With a Gift for Yourself
By Kaitlyn Backe

If you have any interest in the beauty community then you must have heard of the new obsession with lifestyle subscription boxes. They are bombarding Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube. The idea is cute, creative, and seems to be a lot of fun. However, when it comes down to it, is the $50 box really worth it?

I have seen ads for this product for a very long time and I am a sucker for all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. I figured I had to stop putting it off and I bought myself a one year subscription of 4 boxes (one for each season) for about $180.

To get the full experience I decided to select that “surprise” option which means I would be unaware of what I was getting until I opened the box in person. After getting the box which was full of high-end products all the way from Anthropology lotion to a unique workout accessory. The fact that this box has such variety and always comes with full size products leads me to conclude that it is worth the cost but I recommend customizing the box instead of allowing the company to pick the products for you. This way you get what you want and you truly get what you paid for.

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