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Three Parisian Fashion Trends to Make Your Own
By Erin Bach

From runways and couture to chignons and capsule wardrobes, Paris is no stranger to style. I experienced this style first hand recently when I stayed in Paris for a few days with my husband for a belated honeymoon.

I’m a horrible tourist because I hate crowds of people. I do, however, love people-watching, so I often found myself observing others when we were walking through the city or crammed on the metro. Pretty quickly,I picked up on three trends that I think are worthy of repeating.

#1: Sneakers

I am the queen of hating on sneakers. I only wear them for working out because I don’t like the way they look on me, and I generally feel frumpy and awkward when I wear them. However, I learned my lesson last time I was in Europe that walking around in sandals or “cute” shoes all day basically makes you want to amputate your feet by lunchtime, so I packed sneakers “to be practical.”

Not only did they save my feet, but I noticed that nearly all of the women I saw who looked chic or stylish were also wearing them. Turns out, sneakers aren’t so bad after all.

There are a few keys to getting the sneaker look right. First, it needs to be slim, not bulky (no 90s TV dad sneakers). Second, choose the color carefully. Luckily, mine are gray/black so they went with my wardrobe. A pop of color with the sneaker works well too.

#2: Leather Jacket

I’ve researched enough about capsule wardrobes to know that a leather (or faux-leather) jacket is a great lightweight piece that can be adapted for multiple occasions. In Paris, I saw leather jackets all over the place.

I saw them paired with dresses, jeans, workout gear, business attire, etc. I love the juxtaposition of a pretty dress with a leather jacket, just as I love the look of a proper-looking business woman also being a badass.

Pretty much the same rules for the sneakers apply here: slim not bulky, and choose a color that is either a neutral or a statement.

#3: Bold Lip

Who doesn’t love a good bold lip, right? I definitely do, but I’ve shied away from bright lip colors because I thought they made me look like a clown (I’m pretty pale). I adored all of the bold lip colors I saw on the streets and subways of Paris, so I decided to go for it!

In fact, sunblock and lipstick became my go-to “makeup” for the entire trip, and I loved it. I saw women of all face shades and shapes rocking bright lipstick, so if you’re thinking “I can’t do that,” oh yes you can!  

So there you have it. Bring out your inner style badass this summer by choosing one of these trends to make your own (or adapt all three). Have fun!

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