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Winter Trends
By Kaitlyn Backe

As the brisk air begins to move in you know that it is officially time to swap the flannel for the coziest sweater in your closet. Here are some major fashion trends that you can easily follow this winter.


Boots will simply never go out of style. Thanks to comfort, quality, and accessibility there has never been a better way to take on the snow, wind, and slush. Comfortable heeled boots, booties, and thigh high boots are also always in style as soon as the temperature drops.


We first saw this making a comeback due to Gucci belts but this does not mean you need to go drop $500 on an accessory. My favorite belt, which is pictured below, was $6 at a thrift store.

Plaid Patterns

As various 90’s styles comeback into trend one that has seemed to target this winter is plaid patterns. Whether that be plaid skirts, pants, or cardigans, plaid is coming back and it is coming fast.


You would think the icy air would want to make everyone cover up as much as possible but as seen in the early winter and fall skirts are also making a comeback, specifically the mini skirt, in styles such as plaid, jean, leather, and corduroy.


Sherpas are hitting the market fast and they are fluffier than ever. Most companies sell them for a hefty $200 however if you are open to trying different qualities even stores like Walmart are now carrying them for as little as $20.

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