10 Of Our Favorite No-Makeup Selfies

Feb 10, 2020
Written by
Karlo Gomez
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fter reviewing so many beautiful women with no makeup, no filter, just raw pure beauty, we selected our favorite 10.

All of these women are so inspiring! We hope these women inspire you to wear no makeup or at least try it for a day! :)

Tag us if you do, we love to repost!

~ Karlo Gomez/ Editor-in-chief


#nomakeup selfie 


Spreading some self love with no filter + no makeup


Before the make up.

Before the cover up. 

Before the bombardment of obtaining a “youthful glow.”

Or anti-aging routines. 

Comes the foundation. 

The beginning. .

The cheek bones like my mom.

The eyes like my sisters.

The eyebrows like my dad.

The lips like my son. 

And the reminders of what it means to be a proud woman of colour. .


A woman who’s been told she’s too dark or too light to “fit in.” A woman that’s been told I don’t look like I should. .


And yes, I don’t because when I see me I see my family. I see the joy each of them bring me. I see what I bring to their lives and none of that comes from how others see me or think I should look. .


Too embrace each other as we are first starts with embracing ourselves as we are. In all colours. In all shapes. In all sizes. And in all stages of life.





#SHARESTRONG CAMPAIGN  (Started by @kateupton

Hell ya I’m joining in on the campaign & conversation that spreads positivity about self love.

It’s hard enough being a teen, yet alone growing up in today’s world with social media having a huge influence. Kate’s mission is to empower women, to be confident and love ourselves. That’s all I ever want for my teen daughter who struggles with her appearance and mental health.

I am strong for my daughter. I want her to love herself, feel comfortable and confident just the way she is inside & out. So, here I am no filter, no edit, sitting in front of the hotel glass slider door, no makeup except mascara that I put on earlier that morning,


Inspired by my lovely friend @kateupton this here is my #sharestrong message. This is me after a very long and difficult day. Drained of every emotion I could possibly experience. Raw. And that takes strength. To not give up. To keep going. To move through the pain. To be gentle with yourself. And to ask for help. No makeup. No filter. No bullshit. Just truth. Tears. We all suffer. And may our strength come deep from within so that we may hold a safe space for others as we lift them up in times of despair. Sending my love to all. Please join me in this honest endeavor to #sharestrong your message  of self love and compassion. ♥️




Not everyday i have makeup on. Sometimes you just gotta let your skin breathe. A good base means a flawless makeup. Beauty is in the skin. Take care of it, oil it, scrub it. Even if society is hard on you, fight back by pampering your skin. Skin is political. Your best accessory, take care of it ❤️ #glowingskin #glowparty #skincare #skinonfleek #nomakeupselfie #skincarecommunity #skincarejunkie


2019 was such a transformative year for me in a plethora of ways, and I really hope this momentum gets carried over to 2020. My biggest wish (and challenge) for the new year is to love myself and live for myself more. As a people-pleaser, I often put others on a pedestal, attending to their needs and wants while brushing aside my own, and it’s emotionally and physically exhausting. I don’t believe that external expectations are necessarily bad, but it’s easy to let it consume you and make you lose sight of who you are. In the end of the day, it’s all about balance, and I look forward to another year of progress in finding that. Happy new year everyone, and I wish you all a prosperous year filled with love, joy, and growth ❤️


Whether you wear ton load of makeup or no makeup at all, BE THE SAME PERSON INSIDE 💖 #NoFilter #NoMakeup ... because every mark, every wrinkle and those circles under the eyes are the evidences that you have grown, evolved... and that you have lived 🦋 .


Filter free & fresh faced 💜. I generally don’t use filters on my posts or selfies. I have nothing against them but sometimes it’s just good to see texture, colours & how things look in reality.

Especially if you are showing a beauty or skincare product.

How will you know what it looks like in real life then?

Those super smooth skin & flawless faces on Instagram are tweaked, filtered & FaceTuned so that it isn’t a reality. A bit like the glossy magazines & celeb pictures you see.

Personally I love to see the textures on makeup & skin.

I am blessed with good dna skin wise but I have put in the work and looked after mine since my early 20s.

I have been wearing  spf every day, drink plenty water, properly cleanse & treat my skin, no makeup wipes. So many affordable options in skincare now along with more products available than ever before for multiple skin types & multiple solutions to anything you might need to treat.

Some folk will say it’s easy to see I haven’t got kids as I don’t have the permanent dark circles & wrinkles around my eyes 😂. I’m not sure how true that is but I did have bad red acne for a short time as a teenager but thankfully it went away after puberty.

Day to day my face is like this, no makeup, just my skincare & spf on top.

I am asked so often what I use on my skin. So that is on my list for a blog post ✌🏼

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