Self-Acceptance with Asia McKinney

Oct 27, 2021
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Karlo Gomez

espite being in her early 20’s, Asia McKinney speaks with much wisdom regarding life lessons and self-acceptance. 

The young adult struggled with body image issues in middle school because she was surrounded by her petite peers.  Having thicker thighs and curves created uncomfortable feelings about herself, but her mother gave reassurance of her beauty. As she grew older, she realized other people admired and desired her body type.  She knew she couldn’t pretend to be anyone else, slowly loving the way her clothes fit and how she looked in her reflections. 

By looking deep within herself, she knew she was unique because no one else looked like her.  With this in mind, she shifted her focus of confidence towards her charisma and attitude,

“I can walk outside without makeup and feel like I’m that girl.” 

Asia expressed how people’s outlook for the day can help build themselves up despite how they physically appear.  She keeps this in mind since she still struggles with her body image, but continues to work on it every day and keeps a self-care route on Sundays.  From yoga to facials and baths with essential oils, Asia knows the importance of treating her body the way it deserves.  On top of that, she journals to stay in tune with herself. 

She wants readers to know that people should learn to be happy and not depend on others for happiness.  It’s good to be comfortable doing things by yourself. 

“Put yourself out there. Accept yourself for who you are”. 

As she pointed out her cellulite, body dimples, and jiggly arms, she added

“it’s okay to love yourself...this is who I am”. 

To see more of Asia follow her on Instagram: @Asiaa.rose

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