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Cocktail Night 2018

Creating an atmosphere of strong and beautiful women. Connecting natural inspired outings.
January 2018

X-Mas Spa Night 2018

Dazzled with some Xmas Sweaters, cocktails and facial masks that just gave us that natural glow we always look for!
December 2018

Movie Night 2018

Another wonderful Event with the SundayGirls
November 2018

Sunday Brunch 2018

Nothing like basking in this beautiful Cali Sun with a group of Naturally Beautiful Women!
November 2018

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Latest Events

Cocktail Night 2018

By Marie Gomez

XMAS Spa Night 2018

By Marie Gomez

Movie Night 2018

By Marie Gomez

Sunday Brunch 2018

By Marie Gomez

Cocktail Evening 2018

By Marie Gomez

Cocktail Evening 2018

By Marie Gomez
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