A journey of Confidence and Music with Bailey Rushlow

Jul 26, 2023
Written by
Marie Gomez
Photographed by
Bailey Rushlow

ashville, TN - At the age of 27, singer-songwriter Bailey reflects on her diverse ethnicity - a beautiful tapestry woven from Scottish, Greek, French, and Cherokee roots. But beneath the surface of her heritage lies a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and body acceptance that has shaped her artistry and her connection to others.

Struggling to Love Her Body

Like many, Bailey's journey to appreciate her body had its challenges. At the tender age of 14, she encountered the first inklings of self-doubt while struggling to fit into her swimsuit for swim-team practice. Witnessing her body's changes, stretch marks, and softness left her confused and questioning herself. Society's skewed beauty standards and relentless programming only intensified her struggles, making her feel like it was abnormal to accept herself fully. Additionally, religious conditioning further complicated her journey, as she had to deconstruct years of beliefs that had led her to view her body and sensuality negatively.

The Path to Self-Appreciation and Love

It took Bailey a decade of self-discovery and growth to arrive at a place of comfort and gratitude for her body. Embracing her menstrual cycle became an essential part of her healing, empowering her to see the remarkable abilities of her body as a womb-carrying being. Breaking free from societal norms, she decided to embrace her natural curls, celebrating her authentic self instead of conforming to unrealistic beauty standards. This transformative journey paved the way for a new chapter in her life.

The Compulsion to Create Music

As an artist, Bailey's music is a reflection of her desire to evoke emotions in her listeners. She hopes that her songs become the soundtrack to precious moments in people's lives, touching them deeply in unique ways. The profound impact her music has had on people's experiences, from first dances at weddings to moments of healing during difficult times, fuels her passion to use her voice as a unifying force through the universal language of music.

Discovering Confidence Through Music

One of Bailey's favorite songs, "(Simply) The Best," holds a special place in her heart. Singing it as if she were proclaiming herself as the best version of herself has been a source of empowerment and self-assurance. The song's message resonates deeply with her, reminding her of the strength and beauty she possesses. Take a listen below.

A Message of Self-Love for Others

For those struggling to appreciate and love their bodies, Bailey offers a heartfelt message of encouragement. She advises them to care for themselves not only for their own sake but also for those who can no longer do so, for the ancestors, for future generations, and for a world that embraces inclusivity and love for all. The journey toward self-acceptance starts with each individual, and they have the power to pave the way for a more compassionate world.

Three Tips for Confidence

Drawing from her own experiences, Bailey shares three essential tips for building confidence:

  • Embrace your unique perception: Understanding that everyone's perspective is shaped by their own experiences, Bailey encourages us not to take things personally. Approving of and loving ourselves is more important than seeking validation from others.
  • Prioritize your happiness: If something brings joy to your life, it doesn't matter what others think. Bailey reminds us that being true to ourselves and living authentically is the key to unlocking our full potential.
  • Embrace your cosmic blueprint: Imagining that each of us holds a one-of-a-kind cosmic blueprint, she urges us not to limit ourselves by conforming to societal expectations. Embracing our uniqueness allows us to shine as the brilliant beings we were meant to be.

Future Aspirations

Having spent years traveling abroad, Bailey envisions a future filled with creative pursuits and a sense of community. Her dream involves having her own cottage with a lush garden, where she can continue to create music, connect with others through her podcast "The Cosmic Nomad," and bring light and positivity into people's lives. Most importantly, she hopes to raise confident children who embody self-love and acceptance.

Discovering SMV

Bailey stumbled upon SundayMorningView in 2019 during her quest for understanding and embracing her body. The site's emphasis on showcasing real bodies in unedited and unfiltered poses inspired her to embrace her true self, leading her to stop using makeup and filters that altered her appearance. Grateful for platforms like SundayMorningView.com that challenge societal conditioning and promote authenticity, she finds inspiration in the diverse and courageous individuals featured on the website.

In a world where self-love and acceptance can be a challenging journey, Bailey's story stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all. Through her music and her experiences, she encourages others to embrace their unique identities, celebrate their bodies, and live their lives unapologetically. As she continues to walk her path of self-discovery, Bailey hopes to leave a lasting impact on the world, empowering others to find their own voice and embrace their authentic selves.

To see more of Bailey please follow her on Instagram @Baileynrushlow

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