A picture speaks 1000 words – Black Art 

Jun 24, 2020
Written by
Sexuality Educator Lahnee Pavlovich 
Photographed by

here is something about art that draws you in. It has a way with words without using any at all. Art can invoke a feeling, a thought, a change in a simple stroke of paint. Art has a way of bringing people together & spreading powerful messages to the masses who engage with it. 

So, it goes without saying, although I’ll say it anyway - now more than ever it’s important to seek out art that really speaks to you. I know I have. As part of my education into anti-racism, one of my first stops was art. Exploring the realm of art within the #blacklivesmatter sphere. Scouring the internet for female artists of colour so that I could immerse myself in their stories through art. It’s a fantastic place to begin your journey. Because as the saying goes, sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Now here is my gift to you, those reading this piece and wanting to delve deeper into their own education, who are willing to become the ally who stands by her black sisters in their time of revolution. Here are 10 artists you need to follow, support and share. Let your journey start here and watch it unravel into a feed full of beauty and diversity and togetherness! 

  1. Shae (She Is This) 

Insta Handle: @sheisthisdesigns

Her work: Incredible illustrations of women of all colors. 

  1. Lo Harris (Lo Harris Art)

Insta Handle: @loharris_art

Her work: Illustrations & annimations

  1. Pinklomein

Insta Handle: @pinklomein_

Her work: Painter & Illustrator & the creator of Her Art Her Story

  1. K Ligg

Insta Handle: @kligg.co

Her work: Illustrations created to inspire women of colour 

  1. Sylvia (Pericles Art)

Insta Handle: @periclesarts

Her work: Illustrations + a digital garden of art

  1. Emanuella I (Souls for Eccentricity)

Insta Handle: @soulsforeccentricity

Her work: Freelance pen + ink illustrator 

  1. Stina Aleah

Inst Handle: @stinaaleah

Her work: Fine art

  1. Zola Art Factory

Insta Handle: @zolaartfactory

Her work: Illustrator & painter

  1. Artxsun

Insta Handle: @artxsun

Her work: Original paintings, prints + apparel 

  1. Chantell Marlow

Insta Handle: @chantellmarlow

Her work: graphic desig + Illustrator 

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