Dear Diary: A Fight for Change

Jun 30, 2020
Written by
Natalie Howard
Photographed by
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Itis an understatement to say that the world is in a vulnerable state. The nationwide outcry of the past few weeks regarding police brutality and the value of black lives has reached the inner circles of many friend groups, families and workplaces. The dialogue has been shifted and we have found ourselves staring through the looking glass, feeling not only disappointment in how we have found ourselves around people with such conflicting views, but also feeling relief when we can have meaningful conversations with allies who might not understand our pain, but they acknowledge it.

Solidarity has been present in many ways, but none like the outpour of protests nationwide. When preparing to attend these protests, there is always a fear in the back of your head. What if no one shows up in solidarity? What if there are hateful responses, what if it turns into a violent riot? But the fire that burns inside, whether it began from fear or fury or a lovechild of both, you show up anyways. Seeing the love and support from people who have gathered from all across the state to support is an overwhelming feeling. From those making posters to those handing out water to aid the scorching summer heat, it's a gesture. It shows they support us, they’re sorry for us, and that we aren’t alone. Despite the sadness reaching the world, there is always faith in humanity. So long as that hope exists, so will the fight for change.

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