Dear Stretch marks, you made me cry.

May 26, 2020
Written by
Talmesha Keonna
Photographed by
Talmesha Keonna

ear stretch marks,

Where do I begin? There is so much to say but I’ll start by saying thank you for giving me someone to believe in. That someone is me. See, before you left such prominent marks on my skin I wished to be in every BODY but the one I breathed in.  Though things turned out for the best, you and I didn’t get off to a great start. I hated you and I wanted to get rid of you. I thought you ruined my chances of having the dream body I had seen in the magazines.

Stretch marks, you made me cry. You made me hate myself more than I hated you. I spent countless hours worrying about you. I didn’t understand why you were there or why you weren’t leaving.

Today, I do.  After all of our battles you’ve humbled me. When I look back, I realize I needed you and somehow you knew. You kept me still which taught me to love you and ultimately love myself completely. When you made it clear you weren’t going anywhere I studied you. I traced your every mark with my finger tips. I learned how to be sexy in my skin. I took pictures of you. I caressed you.

You awakened me and for the first time, I saw myself, my story, and my power. I stepped into my Goddess essence because of you. I accepted all my insecurities as I started to see every piece of the puzzle that makes me uniquely me. You turned an insecure girl into a woman who craves more and more of her reflection.

You opened my eyes and showed me that I do have my dream body; a body that is able. A body that has gifted me the experience of conceiving, creating, and carrying a life.

I’m proud that I granted myself the chance to love me for me. That I stopped letting fear, doubt, and what-ifs control how I felt when I saw my reflection. The ability to let go has allowed me to find love, respect, and patience for this body... my body. It feels so good! The journey is crazy; filled with many ups and downs but once you find your magic it makes it all worth it. I wish this feeling for all of you! 🌻


Talmesha  [@talmeshak ]

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