Embracing My Natural Hair, Best Thing Ever!

Jun 14, 2020
Written by
Necey Sumabat
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rowing up African-American and Filipino has had its struggles. Especially all things relating to hair. I was awkward, shy, and uncomfortable with my natural frizzy locks.

Every few weeks, the same tedious routine. Off to the salon for a straightening relaxer. Not only was this task dreadful, but if anyone knows about a black hair salon – you are there for eons…

I know one thing, I came out the salon feeling like Tyra Banks. But over the years, straightening my hair crispy-straight, and getting chemical relaxers started to bother me. Why does society want black women to have straight hair? Not only was it time consuming, it’s not natural. It wasn’t me.

I started to question my hair choices. Like a lost soul - I searched the net for answers. Natural hairstyles were not only on the rise… natural hair was booming! Hello #Bighairdontcare! It was different. I was moved. And even compelled to jump on the natural train… but I was still spooked and clung to my straightener like it was my life-support.

After bingeing on natural hair routines via YouTube and feeling the natural hair movement to my bones. I told myself “It. Is. Time.”  I was going natural. I started to transition. It wasn’t pretty at first. I cried. I fought it, but I think this is where the true secrets to the quest of self-love lie. Change. I needed change. I need to be me in a world that constantly tells me I can’t be me.

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