Gillette Venus & SMV - NYC Event - #MySkinMyWay Event

Jun 7, 2019
Written by
Nadine Khoury
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

adies! Real talk with @Gillettevenus listen in #myskinmyway#ad

"LADIES! Real talk, We all know the misguided ILLUSIONS Instagram and social media create, and how easy it is to fall into that trap. We are so humbled that @gillettevenus created a space and allows for that conversation to be heard! It's EMOTIONAL to realize that we create that reality of pressures for ourselves. Listen in on these amazing panelists talk about their struggles and experiences. It sounds a lot like all of us! Thank you @Jazzjenning and @shalomblac for being so vulnerable and raw. It was truly a beautiful reminder that our mindsets and association is how we create positive thoughts, love and positive actions.” WATCH FULL VIDEO ON BELOW👇🏽

Smv's Marketing Director:Nadine Khoury Prepping for the Panel Discussion
Nadine Taking pics with the Gals!
Cocktails 😋
Gillette Venus Razors 🤩
Nadine&Shalom having the time of their life!
Shalom and Nadine trying to shave Jazz's legs, and she ain't havin it!😂
Jazz Jennings striking a pose🤩
Until Nex time!