Granville WeHo: More than Just Brunch

Nov 22, 2019
Written by
Chewie Mon
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

ranville – there’s one on Ventura Boulevard, one at The Americana, one in Downtown Burbank, and another opening soon in Pasadena. But there’s simply something special about Granville West Hollywood. Surrounded by a composite of residential neighborhood and local businesses, this particular location had a very warm and comfy vibe the moment I stepped up to it. The hosts were very welcoming, greeting me with genuine smiles and showing me to the table promptly (they take reservations!), and Beau, the bartender, was very kind and continued to no-pressure fill my water as I waited for the rest of the party to show.

To start, we ordered the Picante Pineapple Margarita,

ranville – there’s one on Ventura Boulevard, one at The Americana, one in Downtown Burbank, and another opening soon in Pasadena.

To prove that we’re not complete lushes, we went ahead and ordered some food, starting with the Village French Toast, then the Kitchen Sink Gran-Omelet as well as Poblano Quinoa with Salmon, and finally the Brulee’d Banana Brownie to satisfy our serious sweet tooth.

The Village French Toast arrived as three thick slices of brioche that we couldn’t wait to cut into.  It was wonderfully warm and well-battered with a nice hint of almond & orange zest, finished with berries on top.

The Poblano Quinoa was absolutely delightful! It is comprised of spiced pepitas, tempeh, squashes, and red bell peppers, dressed with chimichurri, and topped with a lovely slab of salmon. At first bite, there were bright notes of citrus, which transitioned into a delicious sweet-and-savory mouthful as the balsamic and char hit the palate. The flavor of the salmon itself was clean, which nicely brought out the flavors of the quinoa. We unabashedly scraped this plate clean!

For dessert, get your cameras ready because The Brulee’d Banana Brownie is definitely Instaworthy. It is a beautiful length of sliced brûléed banana laid atop the generous square of pecan brownie, with a mouthwatering drizzle of caramel that spills onto the plate. And of course served with berries and house-whipped cream.

From the inviting hosts to the bartender who checks in on you just the right amount with a laid-back kind of consideration (mind you, we sat at the bar counter) to the friendly bussers, this Granville is easily the warmest “local chain” restaurant we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Since it opened just about two years ago in March of 2017, most of the staff has remained the same, and their tight-knit family-like atmosphere extends to its patrons, many of who are regulars. We can certainly see why this place fills up quickly, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. And GM Damon also informed us that Wednesday and Thursdays can also get fairly busy from the Peppermint Club, so take note!

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