How to start Loving yourself authentically

Aug 21, 2020
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ave you ever said you were going to do something and then didn’t follow through, so you just brushed it off and pretended like it never happened... and then it happened again… and again… and before you know it, you’re saying things that just aren’t true and you just aren’t following through with what you said you would do.

And then when you say to someone, something about yourself or something you say you’re going to do and they just look at you like “yea right, I’ve heard you say that 100 times and I still have yet to see it come true”, you wonder why they don’t trust you cause it doesn’t seem like you’ve done anything wrong. At this point, most of us are like, fuck it… I am not even going to try to fix this mess…

I am just going to leave this here and walk away from it and pretend like it’s never existed… Well let me tell you, messes don’t clean themselves up. There is something to be responsible about here. You did not do what you said you would do. And now the impact of that is that no one believes a word that comes out of your mouth until they see it to be true. On top of that, the only way someone is ever going to believe you to be your word is when you actually become your word! Whether it’s to speak up when something bothers you, lose that weight, start saving that money, embracing the skin you’re in, where ever you are at sister, you can become your word. Hang in there with me as this gets to an even deeper level. 

Sometimes, when you don’t do those things you say you are going to do, it can lead to that little voice in your head telling you just to move on and forget about it. And this is where a lot of us begin to get stuck and stopped from doing the things that matter to us. The things that fill up our self-love cup up. Most importantly, it robs us from knowing ourselves as our word. When you don’t know yourself as your word, you find yourself stopped in so many areas of your life. Especially the self-love area. When you aren’t your word, you typically aren’t doing the things that you know you should be doing for yourself to continuously fill up your cup. But let’s not put too much focus into this thought and move on to what’s important here and that’s discovering how to honor your word. 

Now, imagine this… imagine yourself as your word. Imagine yourself as someone who does what they say they will do, does what they know they should be doing it and by when it should be done, and, doing things others expect you’d do even if it’s not something you’d talk about (like showering and taking care of yourself). What would be available to you? What would your world look like if you did everything I said above and were always your word, someone known as their word. Now take it up a notch… you know those thoughts, the “I wish I could but I can’t” thoughts, the ones that are basically secret dreams that you wouldn’t dare speak to, but would be living your best life if you actually were your word when it came to your thoughts too; imagine a world where you do actually honor your word when it comes to those thoughts. Imagine what would be available to you then. See, the secret to living a powerful life, loving the skin you’re in, being proud of who you are, inside and out, it all starts with being your word in everything you do. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but when we want something, we tend to put our word on it, and that’s where it all begins. Imagine all of the relationships that would be available to you by you being your word. Imagine what your relationship with yourself would look like if you honored your word with yourself and did the things you know you should do for yourself. This is the side of the table you have to sit on if you want to transform yourself into being known someone who is known as their word. You have to stay inside of what’s possible for you by becoming someone who is known as their word. 

Lastly, don’t make yourself wrong along the way. That will only pull you backwards. You are on a path of discovery, you are going to fuck up, you are going to do “bad” and “wrong” things, but those are an important part of the process to you discovering what it’s like to be someone who is known as their word. Overtime you’ll discover that being someone known as their word is a lot more peaceful than not being someone known as their word. It just takes time, perseverance and patience.

In what area(s) have you decided to become someone who is known as their word? I’d love to hear about your journey! You can find me on Instagram @ambersabourin. 

Love Always,
Amberly Sabourin 

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