I'm no longer taking society's advice, let me tell you why!

Sep 7, 2020
Written by
Charlotte Peirce
Photographed by
Charlotte Peirce

f I had a pound for every time someone had commented on my make up - or lack of - I’d be a much richer woman. 

I’ve gone from being a person you wouldn’t catch strolling around the supermarket without a full face on, to someone who rarely reaches for the foundation anymore - but if there is one thing that has remained consistent, it’s the need of society to tell me whatever I choose to do is wrong. 

The more make-up you wear, the less human you seem and suddenly winged liner and a painted lip means you’re now just an object. Some one who’s ‘craving male attention’ or ‘trying too hard’. You wipe it off and you’re no longer classed as ‘put together’ - instead you’re “letting yourself go” or not making enough effort. 

Yet both have been said to be ‘unprofessional’ in the work place, but neither are accepted in the gym.

If you are prone to spots it’s assumed that you just have dirty skin, but you are expected to block your pores with the highest coverage concealer. You want to leave your face bare to allow your skin to heal? Sorry society doesn’t want to see it, but they want you to do something about the spots though.. 

I could go on and on listing the endless contradictions that are thrown at us on a daily basis, because unfortunately we live in a society full of people who will have an opinion on absolutely everything you are doing. You’re dammed if you do, and you’re shamed if you don’t. 

It’s a natural human tendency to want to gain others’ approval, but we MUST stop, take our own power and control back, kind words to yourself is the ONLY validation you need. 

It’s time to start to focussing on what makes YOU feel good, instead of what is pleasing to everyone else’s eye.. 

It’s time to do YOU for YOU ladies!“

Kindest regards 

Charlotte - @charlottepeirce_

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