Is perfection really attainable?

Nov 20, 2020
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Gracie Norsworthy
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e are sold the poisonous lie that perfection is attainable. We are brainwashed to believe that we cannot achieve true happiness unless we lose weight, fix our forehead wrinkles, get rid of that muffin top. We are told that only then, we are allowed to be confident and happy with yourselves, only then is loving yourself accepted.

Think about all the headlines we’ve seen. When celebrities gain weight the headline is “how did BLANK let herself go” and when the weight is lost it’s “how blank slimmed down and how you can too” we are conditioned to think that weight loss is rewarded, and that if we want to strive to be the best version of ourselves, we must lose weight until there is nothing left physically and mentally of ourselves.

It’s all quite disturbing to be thrusted into this endless cycle of needing more, of needing more work done, of needing to workout more, of needing to live up to this standard that not one single person on earth can achieve. It’s like we are all constantly in some rat race where no one truly wins, because if we have to exhaust ourselves to achieve happiness, how can one truly be happy if it’s based off transient aspects?

You know what’s more empowering? The thing that truly lights a fire in your belly. Standing up to the cages society has tried to force us in, knowing that accepting ourselves for the beautiful beings we are is going to be so much more healthy than any fad diet could be. It’s time to embrace the self love revolution of acceptance, accepting the fat, the cellulite, aging, stretch marks and all the other things we were told aren’t beautiful.

I know you’re tired of fighting, the good news is you don’t have to fight anymore. Exhale and give your body a long hug, it’s been waiting for your open arms to embrace it for what it is all along.

"Your body was never the enemy, the media was."

Your body is your best friend, time to realise that you will harness a unique beauty that no one else can ever emulate. It’s time to start the self love revolution baby!

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