It’s OK to be BIGGER than your partner!

Aug 3, 2020
Written by
Georgina Cox
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Georgina Cox

It’s OK to be BIGGER than your partner!

We have been conditioned to believe that as a woman, we should ALWAYS be SMALLER than a man.

We often associate matching or exceeding our partners weight or size with feelings of self hatred towards ourselves and our bodies.

It’s important to remember, just like women's bodies are different, MENS bodies are different too!

Male or female, we ALL have completely DIFFERENT genetics, skeletal structures AND metabolisms. These varying factors DICTATE how our bodies look, meaning weight can look different on EVERYONE.

As a woman you can feel like you HAVE to be dainty, petite and small. This narrative has been CONDITIONED in us by everything we consume, women always being shown as the DELICATE counterpart.

My favourite tv shows and films growing up would ALWAYS depict a woman with a much smaller frame and a contrastingly much bigger partner.

I would see them wearing their partners sweatshirt like a dress, because it was that BIG on them.

Being EASILY picked up.

Taking up LESS space sitting on their partners knee.

I’ve had previous relationships where as the bigger one, I’d WASTE so many hours loathing my body for not being smaller than my partners, questioning HOW they could love my bigger body.

Not only have these CONDITIONED narratives deeply effected the love I have had for my body over the years, they have LIMITED the love I have been able to accept from others.

It kills me to even contemplate a life without my husband. That our relationship may not of progressed because of a society that has ENGRAINED a specific standard of love within me.

The love we have for each other goes far BEYOND the shape of our bodies and our love is the ONLY thing that matters. Not society, not other peoples opinions, only LOVE, and the standard is OURS to set!

It’s taken time to untangle myself from these narratives but now I know its OK if my bodies bigger than my partner and it’s OK if my body weighs more than my partner. My body is my own. It’s unique, and it’s DESERVING of love regardless of the space it occupies!

The size or shape of my body does NOT define the love I am allowed to receive from my partner.

The size or shape of my body does NOT define me as a women.

I am defined by so much MORE than my body, and so are YOU!


Georgina 💗 [ @georginacoxpersonaltraining ]

A photo of Georgina and her hubby! SO cute 💕

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