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Nov 11, 2019
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1. How have you struggled in the past to appreciate or love your body and how have you overcome that struggle?

Can’t I transfer some of my stomach fat over to my butt? Am I not squatting enough? Well, at least I have my 32DD boobs going for me. My 16-year-old-self tore herself apart physically, mentally, and emotionally in the quest for the body of Victoria Secret’s model fused with a bikini competitor. This fed into the depression and anxiety I was struggling with.

My body insecurities didn’t just start when I was a teenager. In 5th grade, she-who-must-not-be-named deemed me “Harry Er-ry” because of the dark hair on my arms. Another kid asked me why I didn’t bleach my arm hair like his cousin. I ran home crying to my mom and convinced her to let me Nair my arms. All through my teenage years and young adulthood I picked myself apart whether it was my thick, curly hair, Keratosis Pilaris on my arms, or the tiny bit of fat that poked through my tank top. You name it.

It's been a 10+ year process, fighting through a veil of depression and self-doubt, but I've finally overcome this unhealthy relationship with myself. I call the negative voice that tells me I'm not good enough Gerta. Whenever she bothers, I think of myself as that 5th grade girl, and the things I would want to say to her. You are worthy. You are smart. You are strong as hell. You are beautiful inside and out.

Aside from building this positive internal dialogue, strength training was and is a key impetus. While lifting, I feel invincible. Lifting heavy shit helps me crush self-doubt physically and mentally.

Photo by: Megan Saul Photography

2. What do you love most about your body?

It's amazing feats of strength! I can deadlift 2.5 times my bodyweight, carry over a hundred pounds in each hand and do more pull ups then most guys.

Photo By: Cass Lynee

3. What message do you have for other women who struggle to appreciate and love their bodies?

I encourage all women out there not to strive for a "perfect" figure because that doesn't exist. Stop looking in the mirror and finding what’s wrong with your body. Look for what’s right. Damn, my quads look strong today. Better yet, look for internal qualities that make you your fabulous self. Are you friggin’ hilarious? Awesome at your job? Generous to others? Bask in your goddamn glory.

Photo By: Cass Lynee

4. Why do you support SMV?

I'm fed up with the unrealistic image most women's magazines and social media outlets portray. SMV sheds light on goddess inside all women.

Thanks for your support, Erin! We love you! --- The SMV Team

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