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Nov 19, 2019
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Taryn Pearce
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acqueline Prado Caverzan Hunter thank you for supporting our Kickstarter Campaign.

1. How have you struggled in the past to appreciate or love your body and how have you overcome that struggle?

I've always struggled to appreciate my body. Since I was young, I was always a bit bigger than everybody else and ended up being bullied at school and not having as much attention from the boys as my friends did. I started dieting and got addicted to going to the gym at a very early age just to maintain my weight. I don't think I can say I overcame that struggle per say. I deal with it everyday. I just found some ways to cope with it and to feel worthy in other ways.

2. What do you love most about your body?

My smile and my breasts. People have always told me how my smile is contagious, and I believe in that. I smile to get myself pumped and others as well. I also think I have a nice "rack." I love putting on a nice cleavage top and showing off my beauty.

3. What message do you have for other women who struggle to appreciate and love their bodies?

The main message is that we are all amazing!! We all have our best and our worst. But make sure you surround yourself with body positivity and positive people in general. And look for your qualities and strengths other than focusing on certain aspects of yourself you are not so fond of. We are all on this journey together, so we can help each other go through it.

4. Why do you support SMV?

Because it is showing us the real women in the world. Not just the perfect bodies (at least that look perfect on social media). Because it brings us down to a reality that is not shown commonly. Again, with support of each other, we can go through anything we set ourselves to.

Thanks for your support, Jacqueline! We love you! --- The SMV Team

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