KickStarter Supporter: Karina Luna

Nov 18, 2019
Written by
Taryn Pearce
Photographed by
Lauren Enriquez

arina Luna thank you for supporting our Kickstarter Campaign.

1. How have you struggled in the past to appreciate or love your body and how have you overcome that struggle?

Growing up, I was a little round, brown, and furry thing. That's not me being hard on myself - that's just an observation. But I was a happy kid. It wasn't until 6th grade that my weight became an issue. I would get teased for my weight, for the color of my skin, and my homemade clothes. YUP! To top ALL that off we were "poor" growing up. Needless to say, I have had a hard time being comfortable in my own skin for a long time now.

Over the years, I have struggled to be my "ideal weight." Along the way, I noticed my romantic relationships also affected my weight and my feelings towards my body. I got tired of feeling as though I had no control over my own body. I started reading self-help books and reprogramming that little voice in my head that would tell I shouldn't buy an outfit until I lost at least 10lbs.

The truth is, those 10lbs may never come off. Instead, I decided to live in the "now,” to accept myself for who I am right then and there, unconditionally. If I didn't like something about my size, I would make a plan (gym, diet, etc.) and stick to it, but I was done allowing my own feeling towards my body to keep me from LIVING my life in the moment.

2. What do you love most about your body?

I'm learning to love my legs - cellulite and all. My legs are so strong!

3. What message do you have for other women who struggle to appreciate and love their bodies?

LIVE in the NOW. Embrace yourselves as you are, today. Live life fully as you are, who you are currently. There's so much liberation and power in that!

4. Why do you support SMV?

I support SMV because this community does a great job of speaking to MANY different women – different ethnic backgrounds and walks of life. I love that they hold a mirror up to us to show us just how beautiful we currently are, as we are.

SMV breaks the mainstream "norm" of what western society considers as the beauty norm. I believe it's very important that we shatter that image so that young girls can tap into their beauty and power sooner!

Thanks for your support, Karina! We love you! --- The SMV Team

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