KickStarter Supporter: Kaylynn Marisol

Nov 19, 2019
Written by
Taryn Pearce
Photographed by
Kaylynn Marisol

aylynn Marisol thank you for supporting our Kickstarter Campaign.

1. How have you struggled in the past to appreciate or love your body and how have you overcome that struggle?

I have struggled my entire life with an eating disorder. From a young age I was wrapped into comparison culture and never found a way out until recently. The past five years have been centered around intense growth for me from a social media cleanse and following great influencers, to working on positive self-talk. The more I gave myself permission to be happy in my body the more I craved that feeling.

2. What do you love most about your body?

I love my body’s ability to grow and evolve through all seasons of life with me. I found when I struggle most with my physical image I can turn around and find so much gratitude for what my body has helped me survive.  

3. What message do you have for other women who struggle to appreciate and love their bodies?

You’re not alone. You’re worthy exactly as you are. Keep fighting for yourself. Giving yourself permission to love who you are - exactly as you are - is radical as hell.

4. Why do you support SMV?

I love the message, the diversity, and authenticity in all the content. We need more of this.

Thanks for your support, Kaylynn! We love you! --- The SMV Team

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