Preservation - A Poem

Jun 11, 2020
Written by
Chisomo Msoffe
Photographed by


When is it enough, it is the same story just a different name…

A decayed culture is what you offer

A deal I refuse to endorse

Dead melanin brothers and sister is what you offer me

Your ink of choice is their blood.

Orphaned children are what you leave behind.

George Floyd numbed us all!

a movement awakened an event became a movement for change

A movement for self-preservation, the preservation of our skin, the preservation of my brothers and sisters and the preservation of our history

NO BARGAIN! Because we paid the price with slavery

The soil you stand on is socked with our blood

The chants you hear are the chains being broken

A melanin movement has begun, a movement for preservation

It is not a request anymore!

It is time to make way for our voices to be heard

We can not heal from bullets so as I sign off I remind you that we demand our seat at the table.

The price has been paid in full.

And life is our birthright.

~ Chisomo Msoffe [ @chisvic01 ]

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