Self-Care, Is It Important?

Jun 18, 2020
Written by
Kajal Maharaj
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ery often, we find ourselves focusing our energy outwards, we focus on others opinions of us, we focus on social media and on our work and family obligations and responsibilities.

You've heard the saying "you can’t pour from an empty cup." When we constantly project our energy outwards instead of inwards, we lose our warmth, spark and glow, as the fire within us burns out, resulting in mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. Over time, as our cups empty, we become less productive and less motivated. Self-Care isn't selfish it's necessary to remain productive, healthy members of society.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, someone who always focused her energy outwards, my life changed when I decided to embrace the concept of self-care, bringing it into my weekly routine. Many think this needs to be a dramatic change in habit, as did I, but it was as simple as journaling, candle-lit bubble baths, doing my makeup or anything beauty related, exploring my hobbies and movie nights by myself with my favourite snacks and shutting out the world until I felt whole again, until I felt ready to take on any challenges or responsibilities that may befall me.

Such minor actions but the benefits knew no bounds. I felt motivated, confident, feminine, powerful and all because I took some time out in a week for myself. My relationships improved, my energy increased, I was more productive with my time and I felt less overwhelmed and anxious.

Lets start normalizing paying attention to our health and happiness. Let's normalize the idea that taking time for yourself is not selfish but essential. By looking after ourselves, we can better balance that which demands our energy and time. I encourage you to put this to the test. Focus your energy inwards and remember that you are worth your own time.

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