Self love, what does it mean?

Aug 12, 2020
Written by
Sophie Lait
Photographed by
Sophie Lait

hat self love means TO ME.

Self love means different things to different people. self love may be looking at yourself with bed hair and saying “good morning sexy”, it may be dancing in the rain,

going to the gym, spending time with loved ones, squeezing your belly rolls, reading a book, eating some fruit or jiggling your butt.

For me, self love means not allowing other people’s opinions to affect me like they used to. My body is my temple and I will do everything I can to protect her - my beautiful, squishy insides & my wobbly outsides.

For me, self love means keeping a positive mindset towards eating food for fuel & not using it against myself as punishment .

For me, self love means appreciating every little thing that my body does to keep me alive, without even having to prompt her

It has taken me so long to develop a healthy way of looking after my body. Ever since I was a young teenager I would try FAD diets one day and completely starve myself the next, only for it to result in binge eating and mental self sabotage. I would constantly compare my body to other girls’, which would lead to breakdowns & low self esteem.

Self love, for me, has and will continue to be the one of the biggest emotional journeys of my life. Every day brings new feelings and emotions to the table and I am willing and ready to face them with confidence.

* I am grateful for the rolls that make up my belly, it represents me living a happy, healthy life.

* I am grateful for my stretch marks, they are proof of how I’ve grown as a woman.

* I am grateful for my cellulite, as it’s allowed me to relate to so many amazing women across the globe.

I encourage you to practice these 3 self love actions every day:

🦋 you are important and you matter - inside squish & outside jiggle

🦋 be mindful of your inner voice - it has more impact than you realise

🦋 focus on the qualities that you find easy to love and start your self love journey there

"Remember, everyBODY is worthy in this world."

I love you, I hope you can love you too

Soph x [ @sophthickfitness ]

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