Sharing my cellulite story

Jul 8, 2020
Written by
Karlo Gomez
Photographed by
Tess Taelman

tretch marks, and cellulite have become one of Smv's prized attributes to photograph and write about. Sharing how beautiful and strong women are when they embrace their natural beauty marks is such a beautiful feeling. Every woman has the ability to embrace and love them.

We asked fitness coach Tess Taelman to share with us about how she views her cellulite and stretch marks. Despite many believing that having a lean body and working out daily with a clean diet would equal no cellulite on your booty or thighs, is far from the truth. The truth is many women from all walks of life can have cellulite. It is normal and it is beautiful.

Here is what Tess had to say.

Cellulite, stretch marks, scars, insecurities,... We all have them, and they are beautiful, they make us unique and they make you, you!

My fitness and health journey helped alot to reduce my cellulite, but throughout the years I realised that it's a part of me, it does not go away, it's just nature, we get them while we're in puberty, when you grow a bit too fast, when you gain too fast.

And now I embrace my body just the way it is, I love my cellulite, I love my stretchmarks, I realised that there is nothing wrong with having imperfections.

I know alot of men and woman struggle with these insecurities as well, but trust me, you are beautiful, so many people have it and it's 100% normal and don't be afraid to show your natural beauty! 💞

~ Tess [ @GetFitWith_Tess ]