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Jun 23, 2020
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Nondumiso Fatyela
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ere’s what my dry-sensitive skin is surviving off of during the cold. With dry patches surrounding my face I turn to the following products to retain extra moisture from morning to evening.

Glycerine cleanser

I am a huge fan of foamy cleansers but in winter I look to my rooibos infused glycerine soap bar. This is the first step to attaining moisture as glycerin can boost the skin’s natural hydration levels. The advantage of this is that it keeps the skin clean, clear, and free from blackheads.

Glass skin toner

The next step is to use a toner. I go in with my #Superherospray-glass skin edition from Swiitch beauty. This products key ingredient is vitamin B3 “which contains molecules that help skin cells repair damage." This spray helps my skin pack in moisture and leaves it supple, with the results set to leave my skin luminous and glass-like.


Now we actually moisturise!

Since I have sensitive skin, I always consider products that have less harmful ingredients. My current facial moisturiser helps hydrate and soothe my delicate skin. Especially during this winter period my skin is now dry-sensitive. A few (two) pumps of this would restore my skins moisture levels.

Eye cream

I wear makeup almost every second day and I dry out my eye lids and under eyes when removing all that product. This vitamin E eye cream is suitable for all skin types - it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. The product ingredients also assist with hydration, smoothness and protects the delicate skin around my eyes.


I hope we know and understand the importance of adding sunscreen to our skin care. I’ve found this one that I love and have stuck to using it since last year as it contributes to making my skin look dewy.

Lip scrub

I avoid dry, chapped lips at all costs and this prime kit is my go to for keeping my lips hydrated so I can experience less peeling and flaking. It really is a satisfying process.

Hydration mist

Lastly, we seal the deal with a hydration mist to refresh and re-energize the skin.

These products have been the perfect formula for winter moisturizers and I have the dewy skin to prove it.

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