Sommai’s 3 ways to self love

Dec 8, 2022
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tretchmarks? Scars? Texture? Cellulite? A big belly and thighs. All things that we have been conditioned to hate and avoid at all costs, but that’s the thing. The cons of the way we’re expected to look far outweigh the pros. The cost to our self-esteem, self-worth, mental and physical health is just not worth it to please ‘that’ type of shallow, uneducated person.

My three top tips to loving my body begun with accepting compliments, and complimenting myself (no, that’s not vain).

Tip number two is to re-discover a positive relationship with food. This, was and still is difficult, but if I know anything I know that I can do this. I began standing naked in front of a mirror daily, and often studying those so-called “flaws”, I really tuned into my body. I taught myself that not a single opinion matters except mine…And I certainly don’t want to live my life halfway because I’ve been TOLD that the way I am is not okay. Because it is.  

Tip number three, compliment yourself in front of the mirror, run your hands over your insecurities and remind yourself that they are a part of you, a home, a story

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