Swept Away: A new photostory

Apr 23, 2020
Written by
Karlo Gomez
Photographed by
Kristina Hoksbergen

e wanted to know what runs through a photographers mind, especially a female photographer's mind when shooting. So, we asked Kristina Hoksbergen what inspired her when shooting with Jana Brown during this shoot?

Kristina: I look forward to working with women who embrace the day and give me their all, trusting that I'm there to capture their essence. The more they let go, the more I know I can get what they want to see.

I see in Jana a free nature, a wildness, and a sweetness all at once, so I immediately wanted to take her to the cliffs and the ocean to get "swept away" so to speak.

The day of it was pouring rain. Jana showed up and said "F#$k it, lets do it!"  I knew I had met a kindred spirit that very minute.  People like that give me life!

What was your biggest take away from this shoot?

The three things I aim for when shooting are: Heartfelt Emotional & Raw. Technically correct images are wonderful but I want to maintain authentic moments as they happen.

Yes I coach through the session, but shooting with Jana has shown me how incredibly diverse her range can be, and as a woman, that is incredibly uplifting.

She is alluring, and seductive, pensive and solemn, endearing, strong, and utterly Joyous. It was so empowering to watch a Sista encompass all of this.

This shoot has left me completely blown away and inspired.

We also wanted to ask Jana some questions, especially about how she views her body.

How have you struggled in the past to appreciate or love your body and how have you overcome that struggle?

Jana: I had struggled in the past hating this and that because that just felt normal you know? Especially when your best friend throughout your childhood was your idea or perfection. 

She had skinny legs, big boobs, exceptional skin and was just a divine organism that I always admired. I had acne, no boobs, thick thighs and felt like a toad hahahha.

I feel like my search for real happiness didn’t want to let any of that get in the way and I soon realised I didn’t care anymore! 

The older I get the more I realise that I need to love who I am and what I have.

"Self love isn’t something you’re born with I don’t think, it’s learned! You just need to change your mindset." ~ Jana Brown

What do you love most about your body?

Jana: All of it! Because why wouldn’t I. There is no reason not to love and accept all of what makes me me.

What message do you have for other women who struggle to appreciate and love their bodies?

Jana: We are all different and what you might dislike about yourself someone else LOVES and envies! How crazy is that!

You don’t need to be everyone’s cup of tea, just your own!

Why do you support SMV?

Jana: I support SMV because SMV is sharing a message that is so deeply needed to be heard by so many.

Learn to change your mindset and live a happier life inside your body.

Thank you SundayMorningView!!! You’re doing amazing things ♥️

Aww we adore you both! Thank you Kristina and Jana for filling our hearts with joy with such beautiful artwork!
Until next time 😘
Here are some more beautiful images from the shoot

Say hello to Kristina on instagram @boudie.nation and Jana @happyjanabrown

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